Piotr Schmidt


jazz trumpet player

leader of jazz groups


PHD lecturer


esteemed multi-award musician


Piotr Schmidt International Sextet - Hearsay! The new original album by Piotr Schmidt was released on June 23, 2023. This album was recorded with the same international lineup as Komeda Unknown 1967.

The title Hearsay refers to unconfirmed information that often leads to misunderstandings and distorted perception of reality. The trumpeter's new album becomes a space for him to confront these rumors through his music, ultimately aiming to perceive the truth free from subjectivity.

Piotr Schmidt International Sextet - Hearsay
Piotr Schmidt International Sextet - Hearsay

Komeda Unknown 1967

Piotr Schmidt with material from the excellent album "Komeda Unknown 1967", which features previously unknown works by Krzysztof Komeda. Peter Schmidt undertook the task of working on manuscripts of the Polish jazz giant that were found after several decades and arranging the music.

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